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How to write blazing fast component based React.js apps with Flux architecture, Immutable.js, and ES6.

This article is the second part of the "The React.js Way" blog series. If you are not familiar with the basics, I strongly recommend you to read the first article: The React.js Way: Getting Started Tutorial.
This tutorial helps to jump in React.js with ES6 for newcomers and cover the basics like: components, virtual DOM, JSX, testing, Webpack and Babel.

In this two-part blog series React.js tutorial I am going to explain these concepts and give a recommendation on what to use and how. We will cover ideas and technologies like:

ES6 React
virtual DOM
Component-driven development
Top-down rendering
Rendering path and optimization
Common tools/libs for bundling, ES6, request making, debugging, routing, etc.
Isomorphic React
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