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Design patterns in .NET Design patterns and practices in .NET: the Adapter Pattern Design patterns and practices in .NET: the Strategy Pattern Design patterns and practices in .NET: the Factory Patterns – concrete, static, abstract Design patterns and practices in .NET: the Null Object pattern Design patterns and practices in .NET: the Singleton pattern Design…
In this article the author explains about predicting his house best sale price by using linear regression using python, pandas, sklearn libraries
Linear regression algorithm should be a nice algorithm here, this algorithm will try to find the best linear prediction (y = a + bx1 + cx2 ; y = prediction, x1,x2 = variables). So for example this algorithm can estimate a price per square meter floor space or price per square meter of garden.
In this React Native Tutorial you’ll learn about a framework for building native iOS and Android applications from Facebook, based on the same principals behind their hugely popular React Javascript Framework for building declarative user interfaces.
This webinar provides detailed examples of React Native components that introduce a new way to write native mobile apps.

Topics Covered:

- What is React Native

- How it is an extension of hybrid

- How to use polyfills to leverage the best of the web while getting native performance

- How to debug React Native apps

- How to use Flexbox and CSS for styling a React Native app
Best practices for React.js based on our experience: how you should write a React.js application and recommended libraries for 2016.

2015 was the year of React with tons of new releases and developer conferences dedicated to the topic all over the world. For a detailed list of the most important milestones of last year, check out our React in 2015 wrap up.

The most interesting question for 2016: How should we write an application and what are the recommended libraries?

Learn how to use Node.js design patterns like singletons, observers, factories, dependency injection, or middlewares.

When talking about design patterns you may think of singletons, observers or factories. This article is not exclusively dedicated to them but deals with other common patterns as well, like dependency injection or middlewares.

Step by step guideline to add new node in existing elasticsearch cluster
The goal of this tutorial is to create a moving chart that shows the changes in price of a few stock symbols, similar to Google Finance or Yahoo Finance.

Summary of steps
Download and install the HDP Sandbox
Download and install the latest NiFi release
Create a Solr dashboard to visualize the results
Create a new NiFi flow to pull from Google Finance API, transform, and store in HBase and Solr
An overview of the background to calculus and a list of some applications.

Calculus is concerned with comparing quantities which vary in a non-linear way. It is used extensively in science and engineering since many of the things we are studying (like velocity, acceleration, current in a circuit) do not behave in a simple, linear fashion. If quantities are continually changing, we need calculus to study what is going on.
This definitive guide to the ionic framework -- an incredibly easy way to build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS. We will help you understand the major aspects of the framework. We'll also be creating a running example of a calculator application throughout the tutorial.