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Debugging Flask App with Visual Studio Code IDE
2K views · Feb 16, 2022
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In this tutorial we will see how to Debug a Flask Python Application using Visual Studio Code IDE.

If you want to read through, here is the detailed articulated version:

To set up VS Code IDE for Python Development you have to install few plugins and they are covered in this 6 min short video

 Clone a Simple Python Flask Repo from GitHub 00:00
 Setup Python virtual environment 00:27
 Upgrade pip & install Dependencies 01:03
 Open Flask App in VS Code 02:00
 Understanding VS Code IDE panes and behavior 02:34
 Observe Terminal automatically activate virtual environment 02:52
 Set up & select Debug configuration launch.json 03:05
 Adding Variables and methods to watch its state during debug 03:45
 Start Debugging and choose between various debug configurations 04:48
 Adding BreakPoints to Debug Flask in VS Code 05:05
 Browse the default Route to hit our BreakPoints set  05:23
 Debugging Starts, Understanding the debug tool bar: 05:43
 Understanding Run Debug Pane features: Local Variables, Watch 05:57
 Step Into Debugging Feature 07:50
 Understanding Call Stack 8:22
 Understanding BreakPoints Window Pane 09:00
  Audio Corrections: At 08min 28sec Sum() is being Called by hello()

#debugflask #vscodepython #vscodedebug

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